Who should attend SOLAR 2013?

Dan Arvizu and Steven Chu tour the exhibit hall at WREF (Photo by DENNIS SCHROEDER / NREL)

Dan Arvizu and Steven Chu tour the exhibit hall at WREF (Photo by DENNIS SCHROEDER / NREL)

  • Owners of large buildings
  • Facility managers for large buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, campuses, apartment buildings, shopping malls, big box stores, etc.
  • Facility managers for cities, counties, state and federal agencies.
  • Logistics managers for large corporations, especially retail chains and other distribution organizations.
  • Emergency services managers for cities, counties, states, school systems, hospitals, airports, power plants, public safety agencies, etc.
  • Anyone who needs full power when the grid goes down for days. 

Why Attend SOLAR 2013?

Changing Solar Industry

In a consolidating market, start-up companies with unique technology need an avenue for visibility and networking to grow their business. Existing manufacturers should confirm their long-term viability with an active presence.

Preparedness for Extreme Weather


ASES Board Chair, David Hill, speaks at WREF (Photo by DENNIS SCHROEDER / NREL)

After Sandy, preparedness and power continuity are important drivers of new business. Building owners need back-up systems to assure stable operation during flood emergencies.

End Users are Changing

Purchasing decisions are made mainly by large commercial- and utility-scale end users, in consultation with contractors and integrator firms. An end-user is any business owner who needs cheaper and more reliable electric power.

Professional Education

Many sessions offer continuing education credits for architects, installers, engineers and teachers. There is no better way to continue your professional education than at SOLAR 2013.



Bobi Garrett, Dr. Barbara Farhar, Susan Perkins and Dorothy Robyn speak at a forum at WREF (Photo by DENNIS SCHROEDER / NREL)

Build your own global network. Meet colleagues from around the world. Receptions, social events, breaks and informational sessions offer the chance to extend your network of professional and personal contacts. Meet new friends and reconnect with old ones at SOLAR 2013.

Career Development

Learn about emerging trends, cutting-edge technology and opportunities to help shape the new energy economy. Meet business, education and technology leaders from across the broad spectrum of solar energy professions. Make invaluable contacts for your career development.

Business Development

Find new customers, develop existing markets and grow your business by attending SOLAR 2013.