Awards and Banquet

ASES Awards and Banquet

Fellows Reception: Wednesday, April 17th: 5:30-7:00 PM in Pisces on 15th floor of the Hyatt (Invite only)

Banquet Reception: Wednesday, April 17th: 6:00-7:00 PM in the Harborview and Hyatt Atrium

Awards Banquet: Wednesday, April 17th: 7:00-10:00 PM- Featuring Laura Bankey, Director of Conservation, National Aquarium

Banquet Speaker: Laura Bankey, Director of Conservation, National Aquarium

Laura currently holds the position of Director of Conservation at the National Aquarium, where she manages staff, volunteers, and interns in conjunction with the Aquarium’s conservation objectives.  Her primary focus is on regional Chesapeake Bay issues and promoting individual, community, corporate and legislative actions that will improve Bay health.  Areas of interest include community-based habitat restoration, sustainable seafood, climate change adaptation, marine debris, environmental education and gardening for wildlife.  She holds undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Dallas and a master’s degree in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science.  She has worked at the National Aquarium since 2002.

The Charles Greeley Abbot Award

Presented to: Henry Red Cloud
The Charles Greeley Abbot Award, named in honor of the prominent researcher in solar energy, is presented to a person who has made a significant contribution to the American Solar Energy Society or to the field of solar energy. The 2013 Charles Greely Abbot Award is presented to Henry Red Cloud for his significant social contribution to the field of solar energy by using renewable energy to improve the lives of Native Americans across the United States. His lifelong dedication to fostering the traditional bonds between Native Americans and the natural environment is evident in his efforts to spread passion, knowledge, and renewable energy skills to all tribal lands. With others, Henry produced an innovative, affordable, replicable, and practical supplemental solar air-heating system, which saves tribal families 20-30% on their annual heating costs in addition to reducing fossil fuel consumption by that same amount.

The Rebecca Vories Award

Presented to: Paulette Middleton

Presented to: Paulette Middleton

The Rebecca Vories Award honors the memory of one of the Society’s most tireless and valuable volunteers. The award is presented to those whose volunteer efforts on behalf of the American Solar Energy Society have significantly advanced ASES’ ability to meet its mission. The 2013 Rebecca Vories Award is presented to Paulette Middleton for her sustained involvement and work to sustain and improve the Society. She has volunteered in support of many conferences, provided leadership as the Chair of the Sustainability Division, served as a member and then as the Secretary of the Board of Directors, served as the ASES link to ISES, and participated on the ethics and many other committees.

The Hoyt Clarke Hottel Award

Presented to: Sanford (Sandy) Klein

Presented to: Sanford (Sandy) Klein

The Hoyt Clarke Hottel award is named in honor of an MIT professor who, from the late 1930s to the mid- 1960s, ran an MIT research program focused on humanity’s non-biological uses of solar energy. The award is presented to a person who has made a significant contribution to technology in any area of the solar energy field. The 2013 Hoyt Clarke Hottel Award is presented to Sanford (Sandy) Klein for his contributions to educational software for solar system design and modeling. As a co-developer of the F-Chart, he developed a system to size solar systems that is still used today. During more than 30 years of teaching and research, he has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal papers, many being written with the help of, and in support of, graduate students.

Passive Pioneer Award


Presented to: Bruce Brownell

The Passive Pioneer Award honors those in the passive field who provided the theories, early research efforts, new concepts, and opportunities for later researchers to follow and improve upon. The award is presented to a deserving innovator who was involved in the early stages of the creation and development of significant ideas, theories, and concepts of passive theory, design, application, or technology. The 2013 Passive Pioneer Award is presented to Bruce Brownell for his early recognition and application of passive solar design concepts. He built his first passive solar home in 1960, and was involved in the building of more than 350 passive solar homes over the next five decades.

John and Barbara Yellott Award


Presented to: Lucas Witmer

The John and Barbara Yellott Award, named for those who helped found the American Solar Energy Society, is given to a deserving graduate student concentrating on solar energy at a recognized institution of higher learning. The 2013 John and Barbara Yellott Award is presented to Lucas Witmer for his work to consider the “Valuation of Solar Irradiation for HVAC Systems in Mid-Atlantic Commercial Buildings.”Lucas brings a rich background and history of work in the clean energy industry, which includes design and installation of solar systems, serving as the Energy Modeling Project Manager of the Penn State University Solar Decathlon team of 2009, and serving as a graduate research assistant in the area of renewable systems at Penn State University. In addition to being the President and co-Founder of the Penn State University chapter of ASES, Lucas has presented at past ASES Annual Conferences and contributed to nine published papers, adding to the body of knowledge critical to the advancement of building system design.

The Women in Solar Energy Award


Presented to: Renee Azerbegi

The Women in Solar Energy Award honors a woman who has contributed significantly to the acceptance and advancement of women in solar through advocacy, politics, education, social change, business, or technical achievement. The 2013 Women in Solar Energy Award is presented to Renee Azerbegi for her work in changing the relationship of people and buildings to solar resources and technologies. In 2004, Renee founded Ambient Energy, a Colorado consulting firm focusing on sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy for new and existing facilities. Through her work in support of the High Performance Building Program for the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office, Renee worked with state and municipal officials across Colorado to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. She has served in various capacities, including as President for the Colorado Renewable Energy Society and as a co-chair of the Energy Modeling Committee of the Energy Efficiency Building Coalition.