Young Professionals


SOLAR 2013 will now feature special events for emerging professionals and young leaders transitioning into renewable energy and sustainability! ASES and the Young Professionals in Renewable Energy Conference offers you the opportunity to explore sustainable energy solutions through the eyes of your peers in engineering, planning, architecture, design, and education. Come to SOLAR 2013 to expand your social networks, connect with seasoned professionals, job hunt, and learn about the latest advances in renewable energy research.

Featured Speaker: Lucas Witmer

Lucas_WitmerLucas attended Messiah College and graduated in 2008 with a BS in Engineering, mechanical concentration. Lucas has had several internships including one with the solar group at Tyco Electronics, working on the development of junction boxes and connectors for photovoltaic applications. In the fall of 2008, Lucas started his graduate education at the Pennsylvania State University in Energy and Mineral Engineering. Lucas was selected for the role of Energy Modeling Project Manager for the 2009 Penn State Solar Decathlon team. Following the conclusion of the 2009 Solar Decathlon, Lucas co-founded the Penn State Student Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society and was elected to the position of President for two years (2010 to 2012). For both years that Lucas was president, the club raised funds and brought 15 and 13 students to Raleigh and Denver, respectively, for the annual solar conference. In the fall of 2010, Lucas graduated with an MS in Energy and Mineral Engineering. At this point, Lucas began his PhD in Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State. His research focus is on leveraging the solar gains of building facades through informed building energy management systems. This has included work on valuing solar energy based on the time-of-use as well as energy modeling to determine the thermal relationship between building zones and the incident solar irradiation.

Luke will be speaking at the following session:

Bridging the Gap: Solar Decathlons to Habitat for Humanity, Friday, April 19th: 3:15-4:45 PM

Andrew Poerschke

Andrew-PoerschkeAndrew studied Energy Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. During his studies, Andrew was involved with the 2009 Penn State Solar Decathlon Team “Natural Fusion” and assisted with engineering and construction.

In 2011, upon receiving his BS degree in Energy Engineering, Andrew accepted an internship with Bayer MaterialScience to continue research on the former Penn State Solar Decathlon house. Throughout the internship, Andrew assisted in re-commissioning the house as small commercial conference center as part of Bayer’s EcoCommercial Building program as well as installing an array of sensors to monitor the building’s performance.

Currently Andrew is an employee with IBACOS, Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA. Andrew uses his background in Energy Engineering to drive research in residential building performance and energy efficiency.

So what is a “Young Professional”?

young-professionalsToday’s energy and environment solutions are sustainability-based and systems-oriented, which means locally-based strategies, highly engaging projects demanding leadership, trans-disciplinary teams, and amazing creativity. We are looking for the next generation of leaders. We invite students, recent graduates, and transitioning professionals who have been a part of the renewable energy industry within the last five years. The cohort includes designers, engineers, policy makers, faculty, companies recruiting new employees, and others to participate in this all-important discussion of how the US will train and support the workforce of the New Energy Economy. The young professional is also looking to be in tune with sustainable energy initiatives and will be looking for local opportunities to adapt and expand. ASES is the place for integration of disciplines! If you’re looking to transition to a clean energy career, you can experience the following specialties at SOLAR 2013:

● Sustainability in Energy and the Environment
● Solar Resource Assessment
● Solar Finance & Policy
● Solar Energy for Heat and Power
● Concentrating Solar Power
● Solar in the Built Environment
● Energy Engineering and Efficiency
● Sustainable Transportation
● Wind Energy